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Our staff welcome you to their new Sebastian office featuring state-of-the-art equipment set in a relaxing, tropical environment.

What is a Dental Spa?

You’ll feel as though you’ve walked into a tropical paradise when you visit Sebastian Dental Spa, with the profusion of color throughout and chairs that offer massage and, each with a flat screen TV so you can watch your favorite show during your appointment, or listen to music with your personal headset.

Sebastian Dental Spa offers the latest in technology, including, laser no-numbing dentistry and the newest digital x-rays. Sebastian Dental Spa is a true oral health and wellness center, going beyond merely “taking care of teeth.”

BEAUTY is the other major thing we help you with by keeping your teeth healthy and white, your tongue clean with fresh breath. We can help your smile be as pleasing to look at as you wish.

TENDER LOVING CARE is the all-important item to getting your mouth fit. You want to keep things reasonable and trust in what is advised and have it done without discomfort and as little time as possible. We have a menu of items with prices. You choose what you want. We may point out why one is better for you but you decide.